Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Characteristics Milk Goat whether in State

a. Easy liquid in room temperature (low water contents)
b. Diremas easily removed after 30 minutes from freezer
c. Aroma tercium milk with a little taste sweet and savory
d. Cream milk with water and not broken ignites / wad
e. Typical goat smell does not sting tercium


Pure Milk in order to be able to survive long sunday 2-3 starting from the date of delivery, goat milk should be in a state of frozen stored in the refrigerator with a temperature of -8 degree Celsius.

Benefits of goat milk

The antiseptic nature, Natural, and can help the bacteria breeding in the body. This sebabkan in the Flourin that measure 10-100 times greater than in cow milk. Bersifatbasah (Food alkaline), so safe for the body. Proteinnya effect laktasenya soft and lightweight, so it does not cause diarrhea. Lemaknya easily digested because it has the texture of a soft and smooth compared to the smaller grain fat cows milk or other milk. And also a homogeneous nature. This mempernudah for the occurrence of indigestion so pressing allergic reactions. With the sodium (Na), Fluorin (F), Calcium (C), and phosphorus (P) as the dominant elements of chemical and other nutritional womb, So nutritious goat milk:
• Helps digestion and stomach acid mentralisir.
• Menyembuuhkan allergic reactions on the skin, breath and digestive channel.
• Healing the various lung diseases, as Astma, TB, The acute infection in the other lung.
• Healing the kidney some aberration, sperti Nepbrotic Syndrom-infection and kidney infection acid strand is high.
• Gynecology calcium (Ca), which can cure rheumatism and help prevent bone fragility.
• Adding Vitalitasdan resistance body.
• Troubleshooting impotensi and sexual passion, Both for men and women.
• Based on some research in the United States, goat milk has proven anti-cancer effects

Savor Milk Goat

In addition to sale in the form of fresh goat milk can also be processed into other products such as yogurt, cheese, butter. Grain size of goat milk fat between 1-10 milimikron the same as the milk cow, but the amount of grain that fat berdiameter small homogeneous and more are on the goat milk, so goat milk more easily digested human digestive tool, and does not cause diarrhea in people who mengkonsumsinya. . Goat milk also does not contain karoten, so that the color white more goat milk than cow milk.
Property, among other goat milk therapy for tuberculosis, to help restore the condition of the new round of pain, mempu control the cholesterol level in blood. To improve the health of skin, especially the face. Gynecology goat milk nutrition can improve growth of infants and children and to help balance the metabolism, support the growth of bones and teeth, help the formation of red blood cells and the body of the network. Both for adult women to return the iron after menstruation, lack of blood (anemia), pregnancy and bleeding after the birth. Gynecology mineralnya slow the process of osteoporosis.

Origin of the Goat Ettawa

Jamnapari region comes from India. Goat is the most popular in Southeast Asia, including the type of dual-purpose milk and meat produce. -The characteristics of body postures, the ears hang long, convex face of the form, the thigh feathers are very dense, BB male reached 90 kg, 60 kg female BB. milk production to reach 235 kg / ms lactation. In Indonesia to improve the quality of the local goats produce goat PE (hybrid Etawa). PE Central is the largest goat Kaligesing Purworejo in Central Java